Typical Requests For Services

I am a psychologist and I have 10 to 15 regular letter size boxes of files. The boxes are the kind that paper comes in so I am not sure how many pages per box (I would estimate 1,000 pages). I need to have them scanned and then destroy the origina
We have a client whose file is three boxes, several files and expanding folders. We want to have it scanned and burned onto a CD so we can destroy the hard copy. Does your company do this? If so, how much do you charge per page? If you don't char
I am working with a couple of clients and was wondering if you folks did Client Site Scanning or know of someone who does
We are an Escrow & Title Company that has approximately over 10,000 files to scan. My question is how much do you charge to scan and how is this process done
I am working with a couple of clients and was looking for someone to talk to about Client Site Scanning.